About Nicole Auletto

As the baby of the shop, Nicole Auletto got her start tattooing in early 2011. Always the bubbly and energetic one, she is usually the first to greet you when you come through the door. She loves doing Nintendo tattoos and flowers, but pretty much finds excitement in everything she does. Nicole graduated from Drexel University in 2008, with a degree in Psychology. She took a few art classes in high school and college, and was constantly drawing and creating art. Her favorite mediums are graphite and colored pencil, and loves photorealism and portraiture. When you step in Nicole’s booth, it’s like walking into a raccoon-obsessed five year old’s bedroom. Her space is adorned with a ton of pink, hello kitty, and miscellaneous pieces from her raccoon collection. You can usually hear Jimmy Eat World songs or “How Stuff Works” podcasts playing from her computer.

Tattoo Samples