About Alex Rivera

With the fury of a thousand exploding suns Alexis sprung forth from the loins of Zeus himself. With a thunderous roar Alexis was hurled from the heavens to live among the humans. For centuries he searched for his place in life until the human year of 2003 when he found his calling in staining skin. From that day forward he vowed to beautify as much human flesh as possible before he is summoned back the heavens to rule by his fathers side. Since that day he has won many prestigious awards such as "most handsome tattoo artist" 4 years in a row, in the human year of 2009 he was granted MTV's lifetime achievement award. Alexis has co-starred in such television hits as "HACK", VH1's "I love 1995" and SYFY sleeper hit "Astro donkey" Many people have asked Alexis "what is your specialty?" to which he replys "being awesome" Wether it be a colorful backpiece, a "name jawn" (as the kids call it), or tribal eyebrows, Alexis promises to pour the power of the gods into and make a masterpiece out of every tattoo he does.

Tattoo Samples