Welcome to Dead Sparrow Tattoo!

Bob, the owner of Twisted Vision has been one of my best friends for most of the 11 years that I have known him. I worked for him for 3 of those years after he bought ALL-WAYS Tattoo from the women who birthed me into the tattoo world! Cheryl, who id like to say thank you to for keeping me around when you could have easily of just told me to hit the pike! Because of you I have been able to make a decent living doing what I love to do.

Later Bob changed the name from ALL-WAYS to Twisted Vision Tattoo. He has ran his business in Clementon NJ at 124 White Horse Pike for 10 years and he is ready to retire from this business and live the good life in Florida. I would like to say congratulations to Bob for his 10 year success! Good luck to you on your move buddy. I love you and I will miss you and I wish you happiness. Thank you for being an awesome friend to me. You are family to me and my immediate family.

I am very excited to say that I will be taking over Bobs shop has of 11/1/11. This tattoo shop is special to me because it is where i got my start, I did all of my very first tattoos in this shop and in the 5 years that I worked there for i grew into a strong tattoo artist.....This shop gave me the opportunity to have a career instead of being a laborer for a masonry company , which is what I had been doing for the previous 3 years. I have only worked at 2 shops for the 12 years that i have been tattooing and now its time for me to go back to the first one, but this time as the shops owner.

I love my job at Under The Gun Tattoo Saloon. I've worked there now for 7 years and loved every second of it! Chris Gamm is the best boss in the world and when I told him about my endeavor he was genuinely happy and excited for me. And he thanked me for the 7 years. The crew at UTG are my family and it's not going to be easy for me to leave them but I have to do what I have to do for my family. I always said the only way I would leave UTG would be to open my own shop. I'll probably be home sick for a while!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here to this pivotal point in my career ..... Bob, Chris Gamm, and Cheryl ... everyone I have ever worked with, there is not one of you that i didnt learn something from so thank you....and ofcourse all of you who let me permanently mark your body! Without you i couldn't do what I do and I couldn't imagine what my life would be like right now. Thank you to the crew of Twisted Vision for having my back. I promise all of you that Gamm has trained me to be a great boss! I will run my shop to be a fun, laid back, drama free, clean and safe environment that delivers a good, friendly vibe for the artists and customers. The shop is already fully staffed and I am not looking to hire anyone as of right now. I am also at my maximum capacity for apprenticeships right now so please do not ask.

To all my tattoo artist neighbors on the White Horse Pike, There are a lot of you and I will try to stop by and say hello out of respect to you all and hope I am welcomed back to the WHP. There are more then enough people in south jersey who love getting tattooed to go around! And I want us all to be successful for many years. Please stop by and visit me anytime as well. Cheers! My last day at Under the Gun will be October 12th. I will be marrying the prettiest girl I ever saw on October 14th. From the 14th to the 1st I will be away on my honeymoon and doing renovations to the shop. If you have an appointment scheduled past 11/1/11 it will be at the new shop. I hope all my clientele will join me. If you get tattooed by me but feel loyalty to UTG there are no hard feelings if you don't follow me over because honestly Chris Gamms Under The Gun Tattoo Saloon is the best shop in South Jersey because we/they have this way of making getting tattooed a fun experience that makes you want to come back for more.

Mike Oliver - 2011

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